Focus on the Investor

By: Max Sharkansky, Managing Partner
  • Max Sharkansky: Investors love reporting. Investment is a business, and they want to know how that business is performing. Our communication process and our reporting process with our investors is a highly iterative process. For our investors who have been with us for years, they remember when we just sent out an email with a few lines on it and attached the financials and that was it.
  • Max Sharkansky: Now, we've got very stringent quarterly reporting that includes the occupancy metrics, trending occupancy, trending gross income, trending net-operating income. We're showing graphs. We're giving a qualitative update with what's been happening. We're also showing before-and-after photos, especially if we're still in the renovation phase.
  • Max Sharkansky: These are people's hard-earned dollars. It's the fruits of their labor and ultimately their nest egg, on which they plan to retire. They deserve a quarterly update, a quarterly report showing what's going on with that investment.

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