Multifamily Investment Strategy: Why Trion?

Multifamily Investment Strategy
  • Excellent 16 Year Track Record
  • Average IRR Exceeds 25%
  • Vertical Integration Controls Costs
  • Success in Good Times and Bad Economies
  • Not Crowdfunding – Accredited Investors Only
  • Geographical Diversification

Trion Properties’ multifamily real estate investment strategy is to acquire opportunistic real estate investments in need of moderate to heavy rehab on a mid to long-term investment horizon. Vertically integrated, we often heavily renovate then manage our properties to control costs and maximize resale value. Founded in 2005, Trion Properties is a private equity investment company focused on maximizing investor returns by increasing net operating income throughout the holding period. We began with properties in our native Southern California real estate market, but have expanded to include Oregon, and Colorado. In 2021, we will be expanding our footprint to the Southeast.

As for results, Trion has generated an average internal rate of return in excess of 25%. And we’ve done that in good markets and in bad. We’re a private investment group of disciplined investors who acquire properties at conservative leverage and favorable prices in high-growth markets that offer opportunities to increase value. Furthermore, Trion has a track record of acquiring properties opportunistically through past down markets and recessions.

Trion accepts only accredited investors of $50K or more enabling us to focus on select properties that will offer passive investors the greatest ROI. And we put our money where our mouth is, so to speak, investing our own funds so when we do well, so do our investors.

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